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Retirement Tips

Retirement Tip #1 How much advice will I need? Most people only retire once. You don’t get to practice. If you are going to make a mistake regarding whether you should have too much advice or too little, error on the side of too much! Some individuals should take the “do it yourself” approach! Most […]

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Bear Market Checklist, You looked, didn’t you?

Are you still doing the same in your portfolio as last September 2015? Do you think that is still appropriate or don’t know? But you didn’t see the blog posts, not your fault. So, what do you do now? Maybe, read the blog posts outlined below. Develop a course of action based upon your situation […]

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Bear Market? What Should You Do?

Many strategies successful in bull market conditions may not be rewarded in bear market conditions. Review your holdings, identify laggards and poor performers, consider selling. Tighten your stops;  sell when the stop is hit. Increase your cash levels. Increase allocation to high quality bonds If you are uncomfortable and worrying about the market, sell aggressive […]

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Financial Resolutions for 2016

Financial for Resolutions 2016, If you were to watch the news, you’d think someone forgot to wish the stock market a Happy New Year. After all, the Dow® is off to its worst start since 1991! Of course, that’s not really the reason. But it’s true that 2016 hasn’t started well as far as the markets […]

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